“I am sure all those who read about your journey will be inspired by your courage and strength.”
—Rick Hansen, co-author of Man in Motion 

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Survivor: Overcoming Childhood Cancer through Faith, Family, and Sports will take you on a rollercoaster ride through the life of a nine year old fighting for his life. Your emotions will be captivated as Andrew tells his own story, remaining courageous throughout years of hardships including fourteen months of chemotherapy, five weeks of radiation and numerous surgeries. After beating cancer, Andrew gets news that it is back and growing faster than ever. He has no choice but to undergo a radical exoneration surgery to remove the tumour and his left eye in the process. The surgery is a success and Andrew is ready to start living out his childhood again. And yet, Andrew’s cancer might be behind him, but the emotional pain still lingers on as he prepares to face more hardships during his teenage years. Andrew’s story has inspired people of all ages across North America. Take the journey through the eye of a cancer survivor. 

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My 3 Focus Areas


“An inspiring, moving and courageous account that provides hope to others on their journey” 

—Chris Kotsopoulos, CEO/Directeur general, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada 

Survivor is the courageous story of an extraordinary boy named Andrew Mizzoni. Andrew embarked on a journey that no one could ever expect—one filled with fear and uncertainty—but also a journey filled with courage and hope.” 

—Marc Caira, Former President and CEO, Tim Hortons Inc. 

“Members like Andrew, who have persevered in the face of adversity and who work toward bettering the lives of others, embody what it means to be a TREB member.”

—Tim Syrianos, Toronto Real Estate Board President, 2017/2018 

“Being a cancer survivor myself, I can partly understand what Andrew had to endure as a nine year old when his world was shattered by a rare form of cancer. But his jovial, happy-golucky attitude helped him tackle the challenge as a game, a game he was able to win with the help and mercy of God. Today Andrew is a very positive, successful entrepreneur. It’s a joy to have him and his wife Ono as members at New Life Church. A very inspiring read.” 

—Pastor Elio Marrocco, Lead Pastor at NewLife Church and author of Che Vedi 

“It’s not often you come across a young athlete who displays such quiet grace and inner fortitude in the face of immense personal hardship.” 

—Marissa Stapley, Toronto Sun 

“This lad’s strength should be an inspiration to anyone four, five or six times his age with half the problems.” 

—John Gardner, President, Greater Toronto Hockey League “

Andrew’s quiet determination has inspired countless other young athletes – with cancer and without.” 

Today’s Parent Magazine 

“Incredible as it sounds, he continued to play hockey while he underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer” 

—Lois Kalchman, Toronto Star 

“In my mind I will refer to you as a great Canadian.” 

—Lane MacAdam, Director General, Sport Canada 

“Andrew Mizzoni’s courageous and joyous life continues to inspire.” 

—Mariella Policheni, Corriere Canadese